About Us


“I love my girls at the pre-school side Jonelle, Daena, Mamta, Natashia, Becks…to name a few :)

They are always there first thing in the morning with a warm welcoming smile and same again at the end of the day. I could not have chosen a better centre than Treasure Cove as I have built close friendships with these girls as they have helped and supported me in everything on a personal level as well as my childrens learning and development throughout their time here.

The amount of experience and qualifications combined amongst them are phenomenal and I would recommend all parents to bring their children here.  With their level of expertise, and their natural abilities to interact with my children and their friends, secures my faith in them is always at 110%.

Both my children have grown up at this centre, my son is now at “big school” and is excelling over and above his level, and I know my daughter will be as well when she joins him in the new year. “

– Ida

“I’m so impressed with the level of care that you guys provide, it’s amazing!! You continuously seem to get the most out of these kids.”

– Kirsty

“Lily will miss you all so much! Ever since she was a baby, she has thrived here. It is such a rich learning environment here, allowing children to learn and grow by nourishing their imagination and spirit. Keep up the good work.”

– Lily & family

“The Treasure Cove has an awesome atmosphere. The most enjoyable part is how everyone is whanau (Aunties). Seeing our kids develop and go through their journey, it amazing how much they learn. Our kids thoroughly enjoy all the entertainment, events and trips that they have been involved in. Ka Pai Treasure Cove.”

– Soma and Tee

“It’s vital for me as a working mother to ensure the best resources and development are available for my children. I feel very satisfied with what I have seen provided/offed by Treasure Cove for my girls to maintain their development/physical activity. Love the friendliness and lovingness the teachers have with the kids.”

– Sue

“Leroy has blossomed in all areas of life, such as; problem solbing, imaginative play, fine motor skills, speech, and just being a happy, good-lucky child. As a mother, I find The Treasure Cove whanau/family always welcoming, friendly, happy, understanding and approachable. Thank you the whole team, keep up the fantastic work.”

– Renee

“Bella has been attending Treasure Cove full time since she was 6 months old, it is obvious to us that not only is this the best run preschool and daycare facilty around but you all create an atmosphere of caring, dedication and plain old fun for everyone. I have to thank you for making Bella’s experience so special and a home away from home.”

–Maree & Mati