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A Love for Learning

A Love for Learning

What I Learn at the Treasure Cove…
I learn through play…


I learn to be away from my family, this may take some time, that’s why the teachers like us to visit before I am left by myself.

I learn to listen to my teachers and other adults.

I learn to work with large and small groups of children.

I learn to work alone.

I learn to share and co-operate.

I learn about rituals and routines.

I learn how to  set goals and challenge myself.

I learn about the way my body moves through dance, drama and active movement.

I learn to question and answer.

I learn to be independent but know I can still ask for help.

I learn to make choices and decisions.

I learn to share my experiences with others.

I learn about the world around me by

Exploring to find out what things are called.

Exploring to find out how things work.

I explore the concepts of thinking, reasoning and questioning.


Exploring through my senses feel, smell, taste, look and sound.

I learn to value and appreciate the bi cultural heritage of Aotearoa.
I learn to celebrate culture and diversity.
I learn and discover so much through getting out and about and exploring my local community.

Before I learn to write and read I need to

Know what happens when I put pencils or paint on paper.

Be able to hold a pencil or brush correctly.

Have time to scribble, draw circles and make shapes before I am able to draw things or make letters.

Enjoy drawing and painting in order to learn to read or write.

Learn about letters and words – how they are formed and what order
they go in.

I need your praise and encouragement even though you may not know what I have drawn or written.

Remember I learn at my own pace,
this may be slower or faster than others.


The Treasure Cove Early Learning Centre has lots of different experiences and opportunities for me to discover and explore, so next time you pick me up, remember that I have had a busy day playing and learning.