What We Offer

Transition to school

A Shared Vision

At preschool we believe our children are strong, capable, knowledgeable, curious and full of wonder.  With this at the forefront we see the learning environment as one which stimulates and challenges children’s thinking and capabilities, enabling our tamariki to be empowered for their journey onto ‘big school’.

For us it is about providing our children with a diverse range of learning opportunities to ensure they are equipped with the skills and capabilities to transition to the school environment.

The daily centre curriculum provides a wealth of opportunity for each child to be naturally involved in experiences which develop and promote the essential skills and essential learning areas.


As educators we often ponder the question as to how we can weave rich literacy and numeracy learning opportunities into the daily flow of centre life?

Our children thrive on the opportunities to see themselves as active members of the centre family, taking time throughout their day to develop their emergent language/literacy/numeracy skills.  We believe that by providing an environment and programme rich in learning potential we can support all children to make links and connections which will support them in their ongoing learning journey.

Confidence in Our Abilities

By encouraging our children to see themselves as competent and capable they are empowered to make their own decisions to support their own learning.  By balancing the diverse learning opportunities both formal and informal we feel that each and every child is encouraged to be the best that they can be.

An Independent Outlook

As teachers we believe it is our privilege to help children to climb their own mountains as high as possible.  Moving onto the school environment we know that self help skills are essentials to enable our children to confidently adapt into their new surroundings.

Active Decision Makers

Children deserve the opportunity to have their beliefs ideas and views respected and actively considered.  Within the centre environment we strive to give the children the skills to make effective and appropriate decisions.  Enabling them to have a voice and be heard.

Through the eyes of our whanau

As a centre we believe that through active support and contribution from our whanau we are able to achieve so much more for our children and their learning and development.  This is strongly reflected through concepts such as the ‘whanau voice’ pages in your child’s portfolio.

 A Journey of Shared Commitment

We see learning as a collaborative journey for you and your child and we hold your aspirations close to our hearts.  To allow this to flourish we ask that you take the time to be actively involved in your child’s learning journey.  As a centre we are continually looking at ways to strengthen this partnership.

Above all our curriculum aims to ensure a smooth and successful transition from the centre and into the school environment for both the child and whanau.